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    A Goodbye From Your Editors-In-Chief

    Ryan Ricks: Oh man, where do I begin? I’ll miss the U-Post so, so much. The U-Post was the first club that I got heavily involved in after transferring to UHS at the beginning of sophomore year. At that point, the only writing experience I had was a handful of stories I wrote as a […]

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    Every COVID-19 Commercial Ever

    By Karen Wang [DRAFT FOR “NOW, MORE THAN EVER” AD] We are in quarantine. We are isolated. We cannot see each other in close contact anymore. We cannot do the things we used to. Our lives have been disrupted. We are living a “new normal,” and that can be scary. We are living in a […]

Learn To Play

This is a guest piece written by Kip Robisch.  When I was eight years old, a friend of our family sat me behind his gold sparkle Slingerland drum set and said, “There you go.” Since then, I have found through drumming not just a metronome but a compass—a righting agent for my life that has […]

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  • Will Cinderella’s Glass Slipper Fit?

    Admittedly, the Blazers played more of the evil stepsister role last weekend. The Blazers took out a school whose enrollment is the smallest in the state in the semi-final (62-student Baptist Academy) and made for probably the worst regional final in recent history for the championship (15-point loss Jac-Cen-Del). The two Cinderella stories of the […]

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  • The Blazers Are Regional Champions!

    Forget about pinching me to make sure I’m awake; just slap me across the face. Seriously. Anyone who stood around me Saturday night at the game knows that I’m still kind of in disbelief that this has happened. I wouldn’t say it’s unbelievable, it’s just… well, kind of remarkable. To be honest, I expected the […]

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  • Following AP Art: Morgan Wood

    University’s student body is an exceptionally creative bunch. This is clearly visible in the spectacular art pieces displayed around the school, as well as the astounding number of awards and ribbons awarded to UHS students for their work. With this new series on The U Post, we hope to further display the wealth of talent […]

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