• How to Get Someone to Write My Essay
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    How to Get Someone to Write My Essay

    There are a variety of options if you need someone to write an essay on your behalf. An essay writing service is an choice. They’ll write an essay for your requirements for the price you afford. These services are readily available online and can assist you with the grades you require to pass your course. […]

  • 102 Intro To Causal Analysis
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    102 Intro To Causal Analysis

    For instance, coming to the conclusion that marijuana smokers will go on to smoke crack. This might be primarily based on that crack people who smoke have tried marijuana before they tried crack but this can be a false connection. With the identical logic, it might mentioned that cigarette smoking would result in smoking crack […]

  • Tips On How To Write An Excellent Hook For Analysis Paper
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    Tips On How To Write An Excellent Hook For Analysis Paper

    And, depending on the fish they want to catch, they will use different hooks. Any critique is nothing more than important analysis, and the word “analysis” doesn’t have a unfavorable meaning. Critical writing depends on objective evaluations of or a response to an author’s creation. On this stage, you should also read it rigorously […]

Athlete of the Week: Rachel Mullendore

Rachel Mullendore plays a pivotal part of the University High School softball team. She is the starting pitcher as well as a senior leader for a team that is on its way to a promising year. Rachel was able to answer a few questions that I know you’ll be excited to hear. Here are the […]

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  • Comedy J-Term Inspired By The Onion

    To welcome everyone back from spring break, The U Post would like to share a few humorous pieces from our recent Comedy J-Term course. The Onion Articles In the comedy January Term, students wrote articles similar to the ones on The Onion. Here is a selection of sophomore Emma Troughton’s articles. Man Brings Stolen Kid […]

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  • Dancing For a Cause

    The following is a guest post from Kit Clark.  University hosted its second annual Dance Marathon this Saturday in support of Riley Hospital for Children. Dance Marathons are hosted by high schools and colleges alike across the state of Indiana to support Riley and their policy to turn no child away. Dance Marathon centers around […]

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  • Learn To Play

    This is a guest piece written by Kip Robisch.  When I was eight years old, a friend of our family sat me behind his gold sparkle Slingerland drum set and said, “There you go.” Since then, I have found through drumming not just a metronome but a compass—a righting agent for my life that has […]

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